Laser Welding

Laser Welded Tube Ferrule Weld Butt Laser Weld Laser Welded 304SS Ball End - Magnified 30x
Circular Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Seam Laser Weld - Magnified 60x Fillet Laser Weld - Magnified 10x
Circular Laser Weld Corner Laser Weld Header Laser Weld - Magnified 10x
Fillet Laser Weld - Magnified 20x Laser Welded Medical Device - Magnified 20x Stitch Laser Weld - Magnified 20x
Laser Welded End Cap Laser Spot Weld Laser Welded Titanium Assembly
Washer to Tube Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Laser Welded Lamination Stack  

Laser Welding

Laser Welded Titanium AssemblyAt Northeast Laser, we specialize in adapting to your company's needs. Whether your searching for assistance in weld joint design and development on a new product, or looking for a vendor that delivers outstanding quality and service at aggressive pricing, NLE has the expertise and support staff to assist you.

NLE provides multi-kilowatt pulsed Nd:YAG seam and spot laser welding services. We specialize in joining medical, industrial, sensor and telecommunication components – from R&D to production. CNC multi-axis (and manual) laser welding workstations provide precise joining of stainless steels, titanium, aluminum, kovar, copper and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A full spectrum of support services is also available.

Phosphor Bronze to Stainless Spot Laser Weld - Magnified 60xOur manual laser welders with fixed optics are capable of delivering exacting pulse energy between 0.5 to 120 Joules/pulse. These weld stations are utilized in spot welding of very small to medium size assemblies, wire joining, seam welding, and pre-tacking of assemblies to reduce set-up time at automated weld stations. Beam spot diameter and pulse length is fully adjustable to accommodate everything from the most delicate application to 0.040" penetration.

Fillet Laser Weld - Magnified 20xOur CNC automated weld stations, with fiber optic beam delivery, are capable of handling small to large order quantities, with precise part positioning and weld placement. Northeast Laser has lathe-type and (up to) 5-axis positioning workstations to handle both simple and complex weld paths. With laser power supplies of up to 250 watts, Northeast Laser is capable of optimizing weld parameters for cost-effective processing of your components. In addition, our experience with laser technologies, joint design, parts handling, motion control, fixture design, metallurgy, production control and quality systems means that your production needs will be met accurately, efficiently and at competitive pricing. We have an experienced engineering staff that can respond quickly to prototyping, tooling and production requirements.

Laser Weld PenetrationNortheast Laser fully supports our welding technology with inspection equipment that includes sample sectioning and preparation, helium mass spectrometer leak detection system (with certification to 1 x 10-9 std cc/min), optical comparator, digital microscope with photographic and measurement capabilities, and microscope inspection stations. NLE can satisfy your company's R&D and production laser welding requirements – quickly, efficiently and with the utmost quality.