Contract Services

Laser Marking:

Laser Marked Banded Tubes Dark Laser Engraving on Brass 0.060 Needle with Laser Marked Ecogenic Bands
Laser Marking on Aluminum Ring Laser Engraved Aluminum Business Cards Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Components

Laser Welding:

Laser Welded Tube Ferrule Butt Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Circular Fillet Weld - Magnified 10x
Circular Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Seam Laser Weld - Magnified 60x Laser Welded Lamination Stack

Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Tube Sample #1 Laser Cut Tube Sample #2 Laser Cut Tube Sample #3
Laser Cut Tube Sample #4 Laser Cutting System Laser Cutting System

Electropolishing & Passivating:

316L SS Tubes Electropolished and Laser Welded Pointed Cannula - Before and After Electropolishing Electropolished Dental Drills
Electropolished Hooks Before and After Electropolishing Electropolished Shaft - Magnified 20x

About Northeast Laser

Northeast Laser provides laser processing and finishing services to a wide range of industries with a strong commitment to customer service. Our company's focus is rapid turn-around, flexibility and precise quality control. High speed YAG and CO2 laser systems, combined with in-house electropolishing and passivating lines, enable Northeast Laser to deliver this level of service at an outstanding value.

Northeast Laser and Electropolish is unique in many ways. NLE was founded by engineers with extensive experience in the medical products field. The focus on quality, efficiency and customer service became the foundation upon which the company was built. The ingenuity, innovative thinking, and "can do" attitude of our people allow NLE to flourish and expand by designing new, more efficient processes and equipment. All of our motion control systems (and there are many) are designed, assembled, and programmed in-house. NLE personnel maintain and service our laser power supplies and we are now constructing our laser marking systems from sub-components.

NLE employs experienced, degreed engineers in many of our key positions, including production, quality, facilities, sales and marketing. Our engineers have extensive experience in areas such as laser systems, motion control, welding, metallurgy, quality assurance, facilities planning, production control, graphic design, etc. We constantly challenge our staff to think of original ways to improve our processes and systems. NLE's success is also due to the dedication of our production and office personnel. Every employee recognizes that they have a stake in the success of the business. Our employees are cross-trained in order to keep our operation running at peak efficiency.

At NLE, we understand that satisfying our customers' needs is our most important task. That's why we offer laser welding, laser marking, electropolishing and passivating. Since these operations are frequently performed in sequence, NLE can offer savings in both the processing time and the expense of using multiple vendors. We'd like to show you why new customers are choosing NLE, and why our current customers return to us, again and again. Please call us with your next laser welding, marking or finishing project.

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