Contract Services

Laser Marking:

Laser Marked Banded Tubes Dark Laser Engraving on Brass0.060 Needle with Laser Marked Ecogenic Bands
Laser Marking on Aluminum Ring Laser Marking on Anodized Aluminum Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Components

Laser Welding:

Laser Welded Tube Ferrule Butt Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Circular Fillet Weld - Magnified 10x
Circular Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Seam Laser Weld - Magnified 60x Laser Welded Lamination Stack

Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Tube Sample #1 Laser Cut Tube Sample #2 Laser Cut Tube Sample #3
Laser Cut Tube Sample #4 Laser Cutting System Laser Cutting System

Electropolishing & Passivating:

316L SS Tubes Electropolished and Laser Welded Pointed Cannula - Before and After Electropolishing Electropolished Dental Drills
Electropolished Hooks Before and After Electropolishing Laser Welded & Electropolished Shaft - Magnified 20x

Now Offering:

Laser Bead Blasting - An Alternative to Conventional Bead Blasting

The photo below shows just how effective and precisely that texturing can be applied to tubular products. This laser based, non-contact process offers the following advantages:


Laser Bead Blasted Tubes

  • No Media Used
  • No Post-Cleaning Required
  • Selective Areas Without Masking
  • Precise Placement On Curved Or Flat Surfaces
  • Computer Controlled Surface Finish
  • Ideal For High-Volume, Tubular Components
  • Ideal For Parts To Be Insert Molded